>>> What is Sure DAO?

This is the evolution of Baking Bad Insurance service: we are moving on-chain. Generally, we plan to go even further and, together with our supporters, build an entity that serves the Tezos community needs.

>>> What is planned besides insurance?

In the short term, we are planning to provide an opportunity for small bakeries to stabilize income. Next step is to ensure incentives for supporting test networks, protocol proposal analysis, and all essential tasks that are usually done voluntarily.

>>> When Sure DAO will begin to operate?

We are now at the stage of completion of the design, and the first prototype is likely to be ready in February. Testing and verification will take much longer to ensure that your funds are safu.

>>> I'm an insured baker, what will change?

Your usual workflow will barely change, but the security of your insurance deposit will increase significantly. Also, your track record will be converted into something we call "Karma" — this is our way to thank you for the early support 🤗

>>> I'm not an insured baker, how can I join?

You are very welcome! Please contact us in any way:

* Twitter @TezosBakingBad
* Telegram @baking_bad_chat
* Email hello@baking-bad.org